Community Impact

Kersten is an active partner within the Green Partnership Program (GPP) of the Suriname Conservation Foundation (SCF) since 2009.

The SCF was founded in the year 2000 and its goal is to manage and conserve biodiversity by financing or financially supporting the activities related such as:

  • Management of protected areas and buffer zones
  • Nature conservation outside protected areas
  • Education and information, training and scientific research in the field of nature conservation and environment
  • Activities aimed at income generation, supporting sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity

The aim of the SCF Green Partnership Program is to work together with partners from the Surinamese business community to improve and/or develop:

  • The financial basis of the SCF Endowment Fund to finance projects
  • Processes for “green business” initiatives for its own internal organization through the application of innovative administrative and production methods/technologies
  • The application of green technology and processes that should make a positive contribution to the further development of Suriname
  • The production of educational videos/documentaries to spread and broaden the knowledge about the Surinamese nature.