About Webhelp Suriname

Webhelp Suriname, previously SNT Kersten, is at home in Paramaribo.
Since the latter part of 2010, Webhelp has extended her services to Suriname. Besides the fact that Suriname is Dutch-speaking, the Surinamese mentality fits in seamlessly with Webhelp; just that much extra to establish real contact.

Webhelp Suriname is more than a call center. We prefer to speak of a facilitative contact center. This means that we handle customer contact for a diverse group of companies and institutions. All organizations who instead of handling everything on their own, choose to leave their customer contact completely or in part, to a specialist, to Webhelp.

As a facilitative contact center Webhelp is the essential link between companies and organizations and their customers in terms of accessibility, quality, flexibility and giving the right advice at the right time. Webhelp has years of experience, is a specialist and is considered as reliable. Customer contact is mainly done by people and Webhelp invests in her employees.

The mission of Webhelp is to be the best and most enthusiastic partner to our clients in the area of customer interaction management, adding value to and gaining value from each customer contact through quality, innovation and flexibility.

Webhelp Suriname offers the best of two worlds: collaboration between Webhelp the Netherlands and Kersten Communication services. In Kersten Webhelp has found a reliable and highly professional organization that is well known in Suriname, with a vision that is a perfect match to that of Webhelp.

Webhelp Suriname is a young and dynamic company. We are regularly looking for new employees, so feel free to come by. We are located on the first floor of Hotel Krasnapolsky.

Contact Info

Dominestraat 39
Paramaribo, Suriname
(597) 420902