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Profile of a young company

After having established itself as a responsible and valuable corporate citizen, Kersten continued to make a difference whenever possible. It was Kersten, which as one of the first companies in Suriname, started to give its employees Christmas bonuses. It was Kersten which, when the food shortage of 1846 struck, commissioned a ship to sail from New York to Suriname to feed the city. It was Kersten, which brought a piece of quiet to the centre of Paramaribo by purchasing what today is known as “CKC Warenhuis” and closing the then raucous bar known as “Tutti Frutti Bar”. It was this style of combining entrepreneurship with social responsibility that has been present throughout the years making Kersten not only a force for development in the Surinamese community, but has shaped it in real terms into a “Pillar of Surinamese society”.