About International Commodities

With over 75 years business experience, Kersten In-ternational Commodities N.V. is a successful trading company that offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products, but is increasingly expanding their portfolio to other (household and consumer) products.
Kersten International Commodities N.V. is the supplier of brand name pharmaceutical and other products, such as insecticides (e.g.Baygon, Raid & OFF), house-hold products, body care products and perfumes.
In addition to its wide range of products and the per-manent stock of brand medicines, it also offers good quality generic medicines at affordable prices.

As it is Christian based, Kersten International Commodities N.V. feels the need to fulfill a supporting role to maintain the conditions for good quality public healthcare. In its efforts, profit maximization is not the main priority. That is why it offers generic medicines, both out of Europe and India.
Kersten International Commodities N.V. anticipates to the local needs and makes a contribution to continuity by supplying the market with affordable and quality medicines. This will most likely also fight spurious competition as a result of illegal import of medicines.

Contact Info

Waterkant 80
Paramaribo, Suriname
(597) 426079