Holding Services

Holding Services

Kersten Holding Services is the business unit that forms the dome in which 4 (four) diverse companies are represented, namely:

Smaragd Mining, responsible for the purchasing and export of gold
Kersten Lease, car leasing company within Kersten
CKC Corporate Facilities also known as CORFA, your reliable partner for employers and employees
Massy Kersten Energy Services, responsible for providing energy solutions.


Webhelp Suriname, previously SNT Kersten, is at home in Paramaribo.
Since the latter part of 2010, Webhelp has extended her services to Suriname. Besides the fact that Suriname is Dutch-speaking, the Surinamese mentality fits in seamlessly with Webhelp; just that much extra to establish real contact.


The reliable partner that brings employers and job seekers together. That is CKC Corporate Facilities NV (in short: CORFA), the full service agency of C. Kersten and Co. NV Founded in February 2011 for companies and workers throughout Suriname CORFA provides solutions for recruitment, administration and personal career development.