Building & Construction

Building & Construction

The Building & Construction division consists of:
• Algemene Installatie Maatschappij N.V.(Alginco),
• CKC Bouwmaterialen Exploitatie Maatschappij BEM N.V.(BEM),
• Spanbeton N.V. and
• Argos Suriname (Vensur N.V.).
This division offers total solutions for the building and construction industry and is strongly committed towards HSEC standards throughout all their operations. These four companies offer a wide range of materials and services, such as cement, concrete bricks, cooling, water and electrical installations.


Established in 1954.
BEM is the first and oldest concrete company in Suriname.
BEM manufactures and sells building materials and concrete products and offers various construction solutions in the area of building, road construction, land pavement, sewerage, infrastructure and raw materials.
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Established in 1970.
Offers Quickscan slabs and other prestressed and precast concrete elements. Such elements can be used for utility posts, concrete sheet piles and precast foundation piles.
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Established in 1956.
Alginco offers flexible and tailor-made solutions for households and companies in the area of:
• (H)VAC; refrigeration;
• Electronics, namely low voltage installations;
• Generators;
• Water, cooling and gas installations.
Strategic partnerships with amongst others:
Mitsubishi Electric, CPS, ALP, Galco, Efapel, BAKS, Daikin, Prolux.
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Since its establishment in 1965, Argos Suriname, under the business name Vensur N.V., is the sole manufacturer of freshly produced cement in Suriname. As of 2013 the ‘Vensur’ brand underwent a transformation to (and was changed into) ‘Argos’, as part of an expansion strategy of the joint venture between Cementos Argos S.A. and C. kersten en Co. N.V.
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