About Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort

Nestled on the banks of the Suriname River amidst a splendid tropical landscape, our 45 luxury lodge resort offers countless opportunities for revitalizing relaxation, adventurous activities and luxurious indulgence. Nature, culture and history are part of every activity and adventure at our BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort, inspiring every guest with a newfound appreciation for the awareness of Suriname’s ecological and cultural resources.

This new and unique eco-cultural product is the first tourist resort of this magnitude in the tropical rainforest of this charming multicultural country on the North coast of South America.

Other than the obvious attraction of the awe inspiring landscape of untouched tropical rainforest with the life-sustaining Suriname River flowing through, it is the rich historical legacy of the formerly active village of Berg en Dal which motivated the creation of our unique resort.
As one of the older settlements in Suriname, the Berg en Dal plantation stems from approximately the same period as that of the establishment of the colony of Suriname and has as such, seen a myriad of influences originating from the English and Dutch colonial periods as well as from the settlers of the Moravian Brotherhood, the founding fathers of Kersten, the current owners of the Berg en Dal plantation.

In addition to the establishment of the luxury BERGENDAL Eco & Cultural River Resort, the Kersten Tourism Foundation (KTF) has committed itself to the full restoration and rehabilitation of the old Village, the preservation of its rich cultural and historical legacy and the sustainable development of the entire surrounding area of Berg en Dal.

The BERGENDAL Heritage Village and Adventure Centre are accessible to domestic as well as international day visitors of all ages for a unique natural and cultural experience, which will include several educational facilities, interpretational displays such as a butterfly house, local products and souvenir shopping opportunities, hiking on historical and educational trails, kayaking, mountain biking, and even zipping through the forest and across the river on Suriname’s first Canopy Ride.

BERGENDAL is the ultimate destination for travellers in search of a new and
exiting eco-cultural alternative and the perfect location for a one of kind, fun filled family vacation.

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