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Spanbeton N.V. was established on 18 September 1970. The object of the company located at Dijkveld is the production of and trade in concrete products, specifically prestressed concrete products and related products. Spanbeton started manufacturing prestessed concrete slabs which were introduced in Suriname under the trade name 'SPIROL-PLAAT' by BEM. The production of slabs was initiated for the construction of Hotel Krasnapolsky.

Since 1995 plans have been developed to produce higher-quality slabs instead of 'Spirol' using a modern factory. In 1996 agreements were made with the company ECHO in Belgium for the supply of updated technical production machines including all related equipment to Spanbeton N.V.
Spanbeton now offers high quality Quickspan slabs. It is also possible to manufacture prestressed concrete elements. Such elements can be finished as a sheet pile, pile, precast concrete slab and other tailor made products.
Spanbeton is more equipped than before to comply with customer needs.
In addition, our professional sales force guarantees optimal support and service with every order. From the very beginning until the last step.

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