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Smaragd N.V. is an operating company of C. Kersten en Co. N.V. ( Kersten is a 246 year old, USD 100 million in 2011 sales, diversified conglomerate consisting of a holding company and 16 active subsidiaries with operations in several main sectors of the economy of Suriname, namely mining, infrastructure, forestry, building and construction, real estate, health care, automotives, communication services and hospitality. For over 246 years Kersten has demonstrated consistent sustainable and profitable growth and is involved in a number of “firsts”. It is one of the few privately owned companies in the world and the first in Suriname financed by the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IADB). The only shareholder of Kersten is the MCF Business Enterprises B.V., a company headquartered in The Netherlands. Kersten demonstrates more than 70 years of successful presence in the heavy equipment and power systems market, two critical inputs for the (small scale) gold mining industry.

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Waterkant 80
Paramaribo, Suriname