New facility

Kersten has been Caterpillar® dealer for 73 years now and, for the past 57 years, CKC Machinehandel Surmac N.V. (Surmac) has been housed in the current facility on the corner of the van ’t Hogerhuysstraat and Slangenhoutstraat.

The building knows a rich history and many large projects for the benefit of the economic development of Suriname such as the Zanderij airport and the Afobaka dam were realized from this building.

However, the existing building no longer meets the current requirements and standards of the (world) market. Various factors such as higher demands from our customers and higher demands in the field of HSEQ have led to the decision to find a new facility for Surmac.

Eventually, in 2011, it was decided to construct an entirely new and state-of-the-art facility for Surmac. This facility would meet all current requirements, standards and quality expectations. A five star dealership!

For infrastructural reasons, it was decided to establish the new facility at the Martin Luther Kingweg, better known as the Highway. In close cooperation with Caterpillar®, the new facility was designed by Firm Engineering. The entire preparatory stage, from design to the start of construction, took about 2 years. In June 2013, construction was underway.

Our sister companies Alginco, Bem and Argos are important suppliers of this project. By now, about 60% of construction has been completed. The Component Repair Center (CRC), where the components of the various machines will be repaired has been completed. At this moment, the dyno room (the soul of it all) is in the process of being completed.

In addition to the actual construction activities, a team of Surmac employees is internally active to steer the move in the right direction. The entirely new facility will be completed in 2015. We will keep your abreast of the developments.

We are all looking very much forward to it!