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About "Holding Services"

Kersten Holding Services is the business unit that forms the dome in which 4 (four) diverse companies are represented, namely:

Smaragd Mining, responsible for the purchasing and export of gold

Kersten Lease, car leasing company within Kersten

CKC Corporate Facilities also known as CORFA, your reliable partner for employers and employees

Massy Kersten Energy Services, responsible for providing energy solutions.


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Our companies in Holding Services

Smaragd Mining

Smaragd N.V. is an operating company of C. Kersten en Co. N.V. (www.kersten.sr). Kersten is a 246 year old, USD 100 million in 2011 sales, diversified conglomerate consisting of a holding company and 16 active subsidiaries with operations in several main sectors of the economy of Suriname, namely mining, infrastructure, forestry, building and construction, real estate, health care, automotives, communication services and hospitality.

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Kersten Lease

Kersten Lease is the operating company that is engaged in the leasing of vehicles and equipment to various companies. The establishment took place in 2011 and the company went operational in 2012. Currently, Kersten lease serves several local businesses. For example, State Oil, Suralco and several contractors are customers of Kersten Lease.

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CKC Corporate Facilities

The reliable partner that brings employers and job seekers together. That is CKC Corporate Facilities NV (in short: CORFA), the full service agency of C. Kersten and Co. NV Founded in February 2011 for companies and workers throughout Suriname CORFA provides solutions for recruitment, administration and personal career development.

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Massy Kersten Energy Services n.v.

The Massy Group is a regional conglomerate established and based in Trinidad since 1922. The collaboration between Kersten Massy is the direct result of a visit of the CCO of Kersten to Trinidad in 2010 where an invitation was extended to Trinidad to come to Suriname and assist with the development of the energy sector.

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