Our youth, our future.

About "Community Development"

That Kersten is a paragon of Surinames equality is solely owing to the community, who have always had a deep-rooted trust in our innovative capability. Without their trust and support we would not bewhere we are now.

As a token of appreciation Kersten there fore investson a regular basis in social programs for youth development in Suriname. Within this framework the Kersten Tourism Foundation and the Foundation Scholarship Kersten have been established.

Our companies in Community Development

Kersten Tourism Foundation

KTF was established on July 9, 2007. Its goal is "to promote poverty reduction and social stability by creating income-generating opportunities for underprivileged groups in Suriname". KTF's projects stimulate sustainable private sector development, income generation, capacity building and reduction of poverty and crime in fence line communities of Kersten's operations.

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Stichting Studie Fonds Kersten

The Kersten Foundation for Scholarships is an independent non-profit organization that provides scholarships to underprivileged youth who want to attend a Surinamese institution of higher education and training that they can not afford on their own. The board consists of a representative of C. Kersten and Co. NV, a representative of SNT-Kersten NV and a representative of Vensur.

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